Hello world!

House of Brag is a collective of queers and allies who have felt the lack of a cohesive non-commercial space for LGBTQI individuals. We are opening a large building in the Kennington area and plan to put on at least one day of events on 13th October. It will be a great opportunity for people to meet each other, organise and build momentum ahead of the TUC march on 20th October. The day will start with a free open breakfast and lead into a series of talks and discussions on relevant subjects: queer homelessness, the cuts, women in squatting, and a discussion on the future of queer spaces. There will also be classes and workshops on other things including yoga, self-defence and creative writing. In the evening we’ll be putting on some performance poetry, doing an open mic session and finishing with a gig, with a view to ending the event soon after 11pm. We will soon be putting up a full programme of events here. Or you can keep updated on developments more regularly on our Facebook page or our twitter account: @HouseOfBrag.

How you can help:

  • Spread the word! Refer groups or mailing lists you’re a part of, like the Facebook page or follow the Twitter account.
  • Volunteer! Are you good at painting? Maybe you could help us make the space look pretty. Would you like to run a talk, teach a fun skill or play some music? Perhaps you have an idea for doing something we’ve not thought of? We’re especially in need of people to help us clean and tidy up the space in readiness for the event, or just to help things run smoothly on the day.
  • Run a stall! If you’re a part of a political or community organisation and you think people who come to this might be interested in what you do, particularly if you’re marching on 20th, then contact us about running a stall on the day.
  • Come and hang out! There’ll be plenty to do on the day.

Our ultimate aim is to run the space as a social centre-style resource: somewhere for people to meet, organise and collaborate on projects. If that ends up not being possible here then we will be doing it elsewhere. We’ll be updating you on this, any news will be posted here, on facebook and on twitter.

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