**Programme Update**

Programme of events for our opening day on Saturday the 13th of October

  • 11am breakfast

    Meet us! Meet each other! Get friendly, get to know the building. Eat a lovely breakfast and chat away about the weather and queer politics.

  • 12-1pm yoga & massage

    We’ve got a lovely person living in the centre who will be leading us all in some yoga and also offering free massages to anyone in need of winding down.

  • 1pm Queer Strike: Campaigning together and winning against benefits cuts, ATOS and workfare

    Practical self-help workshop including the experience of single mums, people with disabilities and queers seeking asylum.  All welcome.

  • 1pm Social Centre Workshop

    Veteran squatter and pillar of the community, Phoenix talks us through setting up a squatted social centre. House Of Brag will definitely be taking notes at this.

2pm Queer Resistance: Banner and prop making skillshare

A banner-making session to prepare for the big march on 20th October. Be creative! Make a flamingo costume.Decorate your wheelchair with pink anti-Tory spikes. Make a dozen pink & black swords. We’ll have some materials, but please bring along anything you think could be made into something more fabulous.

2pm Queer Self-defence

A short introduction to some basic self-defence techniques. Queers of all ages, abilities and genders welcome. For more info feministsselfdefence@yahoo.co.uk.

3pm ALARM and anti-fascist campaigning

The All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement introduce their organisation and present about the anti-fascist work they’ve been doing recently.

  • 3pm Poetry Workshop

Lovely and talented experimental poet Francesca leads us in a workshop to start writing your very own poetry. All levels welcome, just come and give it a go!

  • 4-6pm Open discussion on the space

    We’ve been overwhelmed by your enthusiasm for what we’re trying to do, and we would love to hear what you have to say about doing it better.

  • 6pm TEA

    A delicious vegan feast will be provided, sit down and eat. Digest what you’ve been learning throughout the day.

  • 7pm Poetry reading

    Francesca Lisette,Sophie Mayer and Stephanie Dogfoot will be doing readings for us.

  • 7.30pm Open Mic

    Get up on stage and read or play something. Warm, supportive atmosphere guaranteed.

  • 8pm-11pm Bands

    Sultry indie, socialist folk, singer-songwriters. Wind down with a beer and a bit of a dance.


    Black Smock Band
    Ellen Hansson
    Blair Kelley

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