Halloween Event: Dinner of the Dead

Halloween was originally a day of harvest, a time to honour & remember the dead, sharing food and preparing for the cold winter ahead. Out of respect for Halloween’s original purpose, next Thursday at The House Of Brag, I will be hosting an evening of Death and Food.

Each guest is welcomed to share a picture, a story, some art or poetry, even memories of someone who has passed away, maybe a friend, family member or an artist, musician or political figure, or any one else who has left the mortal plane

. It is believed that through rituals and remembrance the dead live on and through sharing traditions we can communicate with our ancestors. 

The food will be provided by the guests attending. If you have a recipe that has been passed down through generations of your family that you would like to share, then bring it along. Otherwise bring along a recipe of your own in the spirit of the harvest. 

Death is a part of life, we don’t need to turn it into a joke or hide it behind a mask. The dead have many lessons to teach, songs to sing, horrors to warn of and love to share. This is the one time of year when we are supposed to open up to them, so please join me.

Film at 6 till 7 – Our Daily Bread
Yam‘o’Lantern carving workshop – 6 till 7
Music from The Recently Deceaced -7 til 10
Dinner/Open Discussion – 7 till 9

Although I would be humbled to hear people talk about loved ones or historical characters that have passed away there is absolutely no obligation to discuss death. 
All are welcome to Join us for dinner and discussion.Image

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1 Response to Halloween Event: Dinner of the Dead

  1. Oh i’m coming back up to London for this. Now that’s what I call a proper Halloween, great idea x

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