Brag V.S. Council: Round Two

We lost in court today. This post will describe how we will be evicted and what happened in court, but first we want to emphasise two things:
  1. That when we lose this building, we will be moving to a new one. The LQSC will continue.
  2. That we are likely to be here another 3-4 weeks. 
The council were granted their possession order this afternoon, which means that sooner or later we will be evicted from Brag, and move to a new location. The most likely process is this: with their possession order in hand, the council must now apply for a warrant. This might take them a week, or a day. Once granted the warrant, they are placed at the back of a long queue: the Lambeth County Bailiff queue. Ironically, the sheer number of evictions and re-possessions people currently face in London works on some level in our favor, as the waiting list for these bailiffs is 3-4 weeks right now. These lists are public, so once the warrant is granted we will know the date and time the bailiffs are booked to show up, and will have ample time to move etc. 
There is also a slim possibility that the council will apply for High Court bailiffs; these are much more experienced and better trained bailiffs, who do not have a queue and do not need to post notice that they will be coming. We emphasize that it is very unlikely that the court will opt for this choice – it’s very expensive and usually only used by very rich property barons or as a last resort after successful eviction resistance. However, until the council secures a normal warrant and we confirm that we are on the County list, we have to acknowledge that it is a possibility, and that at any point over the next couple of days we could just be evicted with no warning. We would be able to get our stuff out and we have places to stay etc, we just wanted to be perfectly honest / clear with everyone who uses the space that there is a chance of encountering bailiffs over the next few days. All this would mean for anyone present is that they would have to leave the building and at worst help us move some stuff. 
So for now we’re open as usual. I write this to the booming soundtrack of Pacha Mama, the Latin American full moon ritual that’s in full swing in the next room. A big dinner is being served in the main hall, and generally we’re all still in good spirits. In a few days we should get confirmation that we’re on the County bailiff list, and any fear of a surprise eviction will be relieved. From there, we’ll keep running the space until the eviction date.
Before we lose this building though, we will be hard at work setting up the next. We’ve learnt a lot here, and aim to have a seamless transition to our next venue. Who knows? It might not even leak.
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  1. Kai says:

    Love and solidarity.

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