Viva the House of Brag!

House of Brag lives on, with lots of exciting events planned for both before and after we move house. In addition to our usual events (the cafe’s open every day, folks, with teas and coffees, and hot vegetarian and vegan meals! Spanish tonight and film night tomorrow, come one and all!) our most up-and-coming event is Left Front Art: Beyond Anti-Capitalism tonight – that’s Thursday 8th at 6.30pm. (Details!)

What’s more, at the weekend – Saturday from 1pm – we are planning a day of art, poetry and collaborative creation. Join us to create, build and compose. The themes are gentrification and shelter – we have welders, drills, paint, palettes, anger and love.Forge from these what you will and then strategise with us about how we can best fight the wide-spread gentrification scouring London. Many Londoners are being pushed out of their homes, housing benefits are being slashed whilst hundreds of thousands of buildings are left to rot. Come, protest, create, at our ART AGAINST THE REGENERATION!

We have a lot more planned, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone who’s been so supportive to us so far – and meeting lots of new faces too! If you are new to the space and want a peek inside, check out the slideshow on our brand new gallery page. If you’re an old hand (or a new hand!) and have some cool pictures of the space you’d like to share, send them along to us at (with the permission of anyone who appears in the photos of course!). We’d love to see them.

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