Art! Regeneration! Programme

Tomorrow House of Brag is getting creative and thinking around the effects of regeneration and gentrification on people and their communities. How does gentrification affect community identity and public spaces? What do the local community think about the councils plans for their community hall and other public spaces? What does regeneration mean for squatters? How can we form a queer resistance to regeneration in Southwark?

The event will start at 1pm, and will go on until late.


2pm. The People’s Republic of Southwark presents Regeneration T’ai Chi

3pm-4pm. Poetry Workshop 1: BLACKOUT with Hannah

6pm-8pm. Poetry Workshop 2: EDIT/REVISE with Francesca

8pm. Open Mic/Show and Tell: Share what you’ve made during the day.

ALL DAY: Building shelter. House of Brag develops its own luxury accommodation complex in a practical and creative response to the housing crisis. Open to all.


Out of our shared ideas and energy will come action! Bring things to build stuff, write about, paint the walls, make posters and dance to. We will also have flyers and be making signs for the event on 17th November by Southwark Notes, The Siege of the Elephant (

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