This week at LQSC

This week at LQSC


We’ve all been feeling a bit stretched recently, so from now on the cafe will be running 1-5pm Wednesday to Sunday. Serving tea, coffee, pastries and hot food.

Queer Self-Defense

Tuesday 8pm: A popular, practical self-defense workshop with an emphasis on asserting yourself. (No longer open to newcomers, but keep your ear to the ground for any catch-up sessions)

Open Organisational Meeting

Wednesday 7pm Come along and get involved.

Spanish Lesson

Thursday 6pm

Ven y practicar con nosotros. A beginner’s course, you’ll be taken through the basics of grammar and vocab.

Film Night

Friday 8pm

This week we’re watching Paris is Burning, a Brag favourite as you might be able to tell. A great documentary that explores race, class and gender in 1980s america. Food, music and a bar to follow.


Sunday 8pm. A big vegan feast, music, and a bar.

Open Mic

Will now be running monthly, with the first one on Saturday 24th November. 


As always we invite you to be a part of making this social centre happen. If you’d like to lend a hand, but aren’t sure where to start, then a great way to get involved is to sign up for a shift on the cafe, or volunteer to do the dinner one night. Both sign up sheets are in the building, or you can send us a message/e-mail.

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