Evicted, but not defeated

This morning we were evicted by High Court bailiffs. They did not even knock before they started battering down the door. Words cannot express our outrage and anger at these thugs who forced their way into our home, forced us out. None of us were harmed, and we managed to get most of our stuff out. The rage we feel at the bailiffs, the cops and the whole brutal system of bullshit, is at once bouyed with the love and solidarity we feel with other squatters, other queers and like minded people. As our door was caving in we had time to make only one call, but within minutes we had maybe ten people in the courtyard, supporting us and hassling the scum. The solidarity we’ve received has made the whole experience less crushing, more defiant. At the same time, it has been of practical use too; that we were able to move our things immediately to another location, that people have offered us places to stay. We’re all ok, and today we’ll be looking for our next venue. 

If anyone knows anywhere appropriate, let us know (preferably by calling one of us, certainly don’t post an address online). 

Nowhere do we feel the lines dividing acceptable and unacceptable living, the walls of legitimacy, more keenly than in direct confrontation. The idea of resistance as an integrated part of this society, as fully co-opted and acceptable, is demonstrated stupid when twelve big men with a battering ram bash in your door. What we are doing is unlawful, is against the state and the centralised power structure, is against the heaving crushing process of gentrification. What we are doing is against capital, against the accumulation of useless decaying buildings and rising homelessness, against our city being sold out from under us. Against the horrific constraints that are imposed on our genders, our sexualities, our loves; against the suffocation of consistency, the prison of society dictating who you are, what you should look like and who you can fuck. What we are doing is in confrontation with the totality, with the joyless and crushed existence that is offered to us. 

We are not finished, chapter one has been concluded, the next adventure will be bigger than last time. Keep watching and listening,

Love and gratitude to the comrades who rushed to our aid. Love and solidarity to you all.

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5 Responses to Evicted, but not defeated

  1. Billy says:

    love and solidarity back at you all. illhealth has kept me away but i am a regular reader of your blog which always lifts my spirits and makes me feel less alone. thank you for everything you have done and are doing, thank you for being who you are.

  2. G. says:

    I am so sorry guys, it is heartbreaking. You are good people and we, anti-capitalism queers, need you and the sense of community you have created. Please, stay strong and let us know what we can do to help. Billie whoever you are, you are not alone.
    Do let us know you are ok.

  3. markus bitjch says:

    Sad news! What utter shites they are for evicting you all in such a manner. I completely agree with what you are doing appropriating vacant space and putting it to good use. It warms my heart to know people are still squatting even in these horrid days of subservience and neo-serfdom. People seem to relish being brain dead in recent years or maybe forever ?? Bless you all! Keep your readers update 🙂 Much love to you all! Besos!

  4. Elena says:

    I am really sorry for what happened. the struggle will continue! please contact me, if I could be of any help.

  5. Gremlins says:

    News travels slowly out of London, but Solidarity none the less from Gremlins in Cardiff.
    Love & Rage!

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