Court papers arrived


We have court for an IPO hearing on 2nd Jan.While the court date is about when we expected the papers were served very quickly. The landlords (Guy’s and St Tomas’ hospital trust) must have been pretty keen to get their building back because they ignored all communication from us assuring them we’d look after the building, that we were running a worthwhile project and that we’d leave when they needed it back. They instead tripped over themselves to make sure it gets to sit nice and empty until it’s demolished. In their eagerness they even prepared a triple threat team to serve us with the papers: a security guard, a lawyer and a cop. Woah! Easy mate, people usually just send the office gofer!

It should be surprising really, how much contact we’ve had with the police. After all we’ve committed no crimes, every building we squat is commercial. And yet they seem to poke their thuggish noses into everything. It should be surprising, but it’s not. It’s really not at all.

Anyway, we have some pretty sexy buildings lined up for the new year, so look forward to that. In the meantime look out for more films, food, parties and fun at the current incarnation of the House of Brag.

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