Coming soon at the House of Brag

Brag 2013! We we we so excited! We so excited!

Queer self-defense intensive

A day-long intensive session of the ever-popular queer self-defense workshop. Set for this Sunday, 30th of December, starting at 11am. All newcomers welcome.

Open meeting

4pm Sunday 30th of December and every week thereafter. We have lots of plans for events we’re going to run next year, as we kick into a higher gear. If you have an idea for something you’d like to put on, or would like to have input into the organisation of the space then drop by.

No-nonsense Queer Discussion Group

It can sometimes feel like thinking about sexuality is something soley in the hands of academics. With a focus on jargon-free language and catering for all access issues, this discussion group aims to make the conversation as big and inclusive as possible. The group will run every other week on Saturdays at 4pm, starting on 12th January, and use a range of media to stimulate the discussion.

Intersectionality Series

A series of talks, discusssions and performances centred around the intersection of queer issues with other identities and liberation struggles. The first installment will be on 5th January with a showing of Say My Name! and a discussion on the intersection of queer and race- with a particular focus on how queer people of colour can become alienated from their culture on coming out and the construction of queer identities as a white/western phenomenon among communities of colour. This series aims to remind us all that none of us is ever one identity or facing a single issue. Other topics that will be covered include: class, prison, drugs, ableism and homelessness.

If you have an idea for a workshop, talk or performance that you’d like to do as a part of this series, or if you’d like to be on the working group to organise this, then please let us know.

Queer Dance Parties!

Sweat, glitter, genderfuck drag, unicorns, bands, dancing, cabaret, bar, chillout spaces, eyeliner, Djs. If you’re a Dj, band, cabaret act and would like to perform at these things then drop us a line. We also need help organising, promoting and running these events. The money raised from the door and the bar will go directly into the project, to help buy essential equipment to run the social centre.

Come down with me

After a weekend of partying, swing by the House of Brag for a freegan fry-up and a chillout playlist. Every Sunday at 2pm starting on 6th January.

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1 Response to Coming soon at the House of Brag

  1. Smash Brown says:

    Looking forward to seeing BRAG in 2013, have a happy new year!

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