The ‘M’ Word

The emphasis of this project has always been to do as much as we possibly can for free. Everyone involved in this project volunteers their time, in some cases working longer hours than full-time employment. We squat the buildings, we skip the food and we tat things like furniture and kettles. By doing this we minimise our running costs and therefore minimise the amount of money we need to extract from the community to keep this thing running.

Money. Urgh, money.

There are running costs though. We needed to buy a projector for example, tools as well. Some have been donated, some lent, but others we need to buy; like screws, anchor bolts, and nails. These amounts aren’t much but they add up, and the project is in debt. The amount is small, about £2-300, and owed to a couple of members of the original crew as an indefinite loan. Essentially when the project can pay them back, it will.

We feel we haven’t been open enough with you about all of this. We initially thought that a small enough amount was owed that we would be able to easily make it back from donations, but that hasn’t been the case. Possibly as a result of people being unaware money was an issue at all. So this is an effort in the direction of decentralising that knowledge, and also letting everyone know what we’re doing to solve this problem.

Don’t panic! We’re not going to start charging for things. A lot of the energy for this project comes from the crew-members being queer, having no money, and feeing alienated from existing money-focused queer scenes. You shouldn’t have to buy-in to your own culture, and we’re trying to get a community together to provide an alternative.

What we’re going to do is knock on the doors of various organisations and request funding. In the last open meeting we put together a working group to put the call out. If you’d like to join the working group, or if you have any organisations to suggest then leave a comment below or email

In the meantime we’d be very grateful for any contribution you’d like to make. Whether you fancy putting on a benefit somewhere, if you have a bit of shrapnel knocking around in your pocket, or if you have nothing at all. To emphasise, we want people much more than we want money. Our dream of having a totally decentralised project that is run by the community is still a long way off and that will always be the priority, money is just one of the annoying obstacles along the way.

Queer community

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