The Plan

Since we first started meeting and organising for this project people have come and gone as their commitments have fluctuated, and the team has grown and shrunk as a result. But unfortunately over the Christmas period much more people left than joined (understandably) and we were left with only 4 live-in crew members. Despite putting the call out for more crew this hasn’t changed, which makes running a full-time social centre impossible, especially since 2 of the remaining 4 now feel like they really need a break as well. It’s been a lot of work and things haven’t gone perfectly by any means, but lately I’d been feeling optimistic that we would eventually achieve our goal of having a decentralised social and political platform for queers in London.

But yeah, here’s the plan. We’re not going away. We’re gonna take another run at this in the form of a pop-up, two-week, super-focused and super-organised version of the London Queer Social Centre. We’re going to be holding a series of open organisational meetings to work out exactly how and when this is going to happen. If this goes well, it could be big, brilliant and beautiful.


Squatted, temporary social centres in the model of the Cuts Cafe and Manchester’s OK Cafe benefit from a relative stability. With the LQSC so far there has been a lot of confusion about where we are, whether we’ve been evicted and how long we’ll be somewhere. The scattered nature of it and an inability to plan more than a couple of weeks in the future has definitely been a barrier to people getting involved


This will not be the case in a space that is temporary from get-go. We can start planning months in advance, take the building days before we open and, barring acts of God, be confident we’ll have it for 2 weeks.


So we’re going to be putting the word around in various places, meeting with other groups and organisations, and holding a series of open meetings and benefits to get this thing together. If you’re interested in being a part of making these things happen, maybe because you like what we’ve been doing, but especially if you think we could be doing it better, then please get involved. Send an email to

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2 Responses to The Plan

  1. I like this plan. 🙂 Best of luck! I’ll send an email to register interest in a minute too…

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