Pop-up Social Centre: Meeting Minutes

Good evening Brags!

As you’re probably aware, we’re hatching plans for our next project: a temporary version of the LQSC, to appear at a place and time yet to be confirmed (but sure to be awesome). Here for your information and reading pleasure are the minutes from the pop-up social centre team’s first two meetings:

Time Suggestions

  • The first meeting proposed the first two weeks of May, while the second meeting had the counter-proposal of doing it around Pride i.e. the end of June. There may be a possibility of doing both. We plan to come to a definite decision on this issue and fix a date at the next meeting. Please let us know your thoughts!

Proposed Events (so far)

  • Intersectionality series: Queer Asylum Seekers, Drugs, Prison, Homelessness, Age
  • Anti-Pride discussion forum
  • Women’s discussion group
  • Debates
  • Discussion on gender neutral facilities, partnership, marriage
  • Erotic illicit reading club
  • Queer feminist workshop
  • Queer literary salon
  • Zine-making and bookbinding workshop
  • Parties, gigs, music & poetry/spoken word events
  • Free meals eg. chill-out breakfasts on Sundays, evening dinners, perhaps a free cafe
  • Film nights
  • Workshops and skillshares – DIY skills, bike maintenance, first aid, art/writing/other creative workshops, introduction to squatting.

Publicity / Getting more people involved

  • We plan to contact queer/LGBT groups, charities, venues, events, projects; find new places to publicise LQSC; try to get mentions in mailing lists and community announcements
  • We are working on a flyer to advertise the fact that we are planning a pop-up social centre, to be distributed at venues and events to get more people involved at this planning stage (a draft will be posted on the blog for your feedback)
  • The second meeting discussed the pros and cons of rotas for housework & upkeep. We want to encourage the people running events to also get involved with the day-to-day tasks of running a social centre: housework and DIY, taking donations, running the bar/cafe, helping with promotion, etc; to lessen the pressure on the live-in crew
  • We are very keen to find more people interested in living in the space while the pop-up LQSC is running. We want/need a big, friendly, dedicated live-in crew!

Safer Spaces Policy

  • We have a list of oppressive behaviours that we do not tolerate, however we don’t yet have anything in terms of procedure for maintaining a safe space apart from the ground rules for running a discussion. It was suggested that we should prepare a skeleton safer spaces policy to bring to the first open meeting, this will probably need a meeting all to itself as the discussion could dominate an organisational meeting.
  • Do contact us if you’re interested in working on the safer spaces policy!

Benefit events / Zine

  • We will be running at least one, but possibly more benefits in the lead up to the social centre. This will help cover costs of things like tools, food, printing etc. However there isn’t much money to be raised, so the emphasis of these events will be on raising awareness and getting people involved, rather than simply putting money in a bucket at a club night.
  • We’re planning an LQSC zine – please get in touch if you would like to contribute to this.

Open meetings

  • Once we have set a date for the pop-up, written a draft proposal for the two weeks of events and put together a draft safer spaces policy; we will start holding open meetings for everyone who is interested in getting involved. These will be publicised online but (again!) please do contact us if you have any ideas, thoughts or questions…


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