For your reading pleasure

Guardian article on Corrala Utopia, Seville, and other squatted homes in Spain. Inspirational stuff:

“The financial crash and plummeting property market struck Spain with a high eviction rate and a rash of empty houses. Now victims of the crisis are fighting back by setting up home in a network of vacant buildings.”


SQUASH (Squatters’ Action for Secure Homes) have published their report on the impact of Section 144, the 2012 bill that criminalised squatting in residential buildings:

“The report’s findings suggest the major concerns with criminalisation that arose during the government’s consultation process have manifested, with homeless and vulnerable people disproportionately affected. The lack of data being kept by councils and Police forces is deeply troubling, and suggests many of these people have been forced into even more precarious forms of hidden homelessness.


and finally, March 4th-10th is LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week:

“1 million LGBT people in the UK may have the potential to adopt or foster a child. There is a critical shortage of new parents, and LGBT people are often in an ideal position to offer a stable, loving home to a child or children that need one. Come to an event in March to hear how adoption and fostering has changed the lives of other LGBT people in your area, and find out more about the process.”

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