CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – House of Brag’s first zine

You might have heard on the grapevine or at one of our recent open meetings that we are starting to compile a zine to get into the swing of documenting regularly the things that we enjoy/raged about, attended, experienced and/or organised at House of Brag’s London Queer Social Centres in Kennington and Waterloo – and to make plans for the future.


Do you remember the opening party at the first space?

Did you perform?


Was it you who drew one of these amazing queer pics on the wall?


Did you go to one of those great poetry sessions?

(‘I wrote some real intense stuff, man…’)

Were you a frequent diner or chef in the lovely cafe?

Tasty Cafe Food

We need your musings, stories, drawings, rants, pictures and anything else queer that can go on a bit of paper – ALL SUGGESTIONS WELCOME, we want to blast open the concept of a zine and any of its rigid stylistic boundaries (within the realms of paper and pages)!

While we’re expecting the main focus of the zine to be reflecting on stuff that’s happened with the project (and suggestions of what we should be doing next) we also welcome writing and art from people who haven’t made it to any Brag events! If you have something to say about queerness, gender & sexuality, social justice, squatting & homelessness, the state of the world around you – we want to hear it.

Drop us an email if this is your kinda thing, and we’ll add you to the zine mailing list, and give you more informations about deadlines, word counts and all that stuff. Hoping to get it together by next pop-up space in June, if not before, so we can use it to fundraise with and share information about the ongoing project.

With love,


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4 Responses to CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – House of Brag’s first zine

  1. Jiro says:

    So is this purely meant for House of Brag attendees? Or is it open to international contributions as well?

  2. houseofbrag says:

    it’s open to anyone and everyone, whether they’ve been to a Brag event or not! I’ll edit the post to make this clearer 🙂

  3. Jiro says:

    Ooh lovely! I will pass it on, also: when your zine is finished, please send/email it to the zine archive and library in Amsterdam: Zsa Zsa Zine!

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