Queer Cinema 7.30pm Every Sunday, 74 Union St, FREE

Queer Cinema

74 union street every Sunday at 7pm

21st April

Ma Vie En Rose: a 1997 film about a gender variant child, Ludo, growing up in suburban France. Wear pink, it’s Ludo’s favourite colour.

28th April

The Skin I Live In: “Bizarre, even by Almodovar’s standards.”  Featuring Antonio Banderas as a plastic surgeon on a vendetta. Surreal and disturbing, it is an exploration of bodies and their significance. (Trigger Warning: scenes of sexual violence.)

5th May

Paris Is Burning: A brilliantly put-together documentary on the ball scene in the 80s among black and latino trans* and gay people.

Supplementary reading:

Is Paris Burning (Bell Hooks)

All films screened with subtitles, we’ll be building a ramp for wheelchair access this week there’s actually step-free access already. Please contact us with any other access needs.

2013-03-21 02.02.13

Keep an eye out for this beautiful poster, if you’d like to hang a copy in your Uni’s LGBT room, local cafe or other venues then let us know and we’ll zip one round.

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2 Responses to Queer Cinema 7.30pm Every Sunday, 74 Union St, FREE

  1. salva says:

    i love you i idolize you!

  2. Deborah says:

    Almodovar has a good selection of “queer cinema”, like his first “Luci, Pepi, Bom y otras chicas del montón” or ultra-famous “Todo sobre mi madre”.

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