How To Get Involved!

House Of Brag are running a pop-up Queer Social Centre in an address (yet to be announced, shhh!) in south London from June 22nd to July 6th as an alternative to Pride and all of that crap. We’ve had lots of emails from people wanting to get involved in the setting up and running of the space, and generally get in on all the lovely queer fun.

We’re hoping to have a full programme of events running over the whole two-weeks, and if you have ideas for an event, we want to hear from you. So far we have workshops on intersectionality, a queer revolutionary sing-a-long, Queers In Squatting Network meetings, and talks on things like Queering Anarchism – the much-loved Queer Cinema is also making a comeback. If you would like to organise an event yourself, or know of people who might like to run one, let us know. Write to!

We’re going to be opening the building about a week before the Social Centre opens, and we will need help with cleaning and setting up the space. We’re particularly interested in people who know how to work plumbing and electrics in case stuff goes a bit wrong. We’ll also need furniture, tat for the free shop, books for the library, speakers, a P.A. and a projector – basically anything which you can imagine being of use. We may need help moving things around as well, so if you have a car or a van and are available in the week before the opening, it would be great to hear from you.

When the Centre opens, we’re looking for :

Day to day involvement :  We’re going to have sign-up sheets open for the various everyday tasks that are easy and fun to get involved in – cooking, cleaning, working on the door, working on the bar – this way you can choose the amount of commitment you’d like and work around your own schedule. We’ll need a a skipping shift (sourcing the food), Big-Meal-Of-The-Day shift and a cleaning shift. All of these are things that you can sign up for, to do once or several times over the course of the two week pop-up.

Live-in Crew : This is for those who will want to be completely involved in the space, the running of the centre, the events, etc. Live-in crew will live in the Social Centre for the full two weeks, will meet every morning at 9am for the huddle to discuss and organise the day’s events, be involved in skipping food, the preparation of food, running the bar, and generally keeping the whole show on the road in a super-duper hands on way. Like a 2-week long big, queer sleepover.

If you’d like to be a part of the live-in crew, send us a short e-mail to introduce yourself, and we’ll get back to you. Write to!

We’re also open to being a crash-space if you’re travelling to London from elsewhere and are unable to commit to being live-in crew. Again, write to!

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