Programme of Events: June 22 – July 6

House Of Brag: Pop-up Queer Social Centre

June 22 – July 6

Programme of Events

** Mon 24th June, Thur 27th June, Thur 4th July, Fri 5th July (marked below) have been designated ‘dry days‘. We ask that nobody brings alcohol into the space on these days. **

Saturday 22nd Opening Day!

2.30pm-4pm Queer Tango

4pm-6pm Poetry Workshop

On the theme of Identity. We’ll be going through some writing exercises then talking about and sharing some poems. Please bring along a poem you strongly identify with (personally/politically/socially etc.) to share with the group.

6pm-8pm What’s Queer Anyway?

With a particular focus on those unfamiliar with Queer politics. An open discussion on our personal relationships with the word queer and the significance of having a queer space. What makes a queer space? Why is it important? What is a queer social centre for? This will be an open and accessible conversation inclusive of all people regardless of educational background.

8pm-11pm Baking and Entering

Music, food and drink. We’ll be cooking a big pot of something delicious for everyone to eat and baking some home-made cakes, as well as setting out ones we’ve skipped. Try to bring something of your own to share as well and we’ll sort them into “Vegetarian”, “Vegan” and “Freegan” piles.

Sunday 23rd

1pm-2.30pm Greek Solidarity Campaign

Greek Solidarity Campaign giving a talk on the current situation in Greece.

4pm-6pm Bash Back! Meeting

An organisational meeting for the Bash Back! South London phone and solidarity network, a group that works towards responding to violent heterosexist behaviour, building solidarity links in the queer community and patrolling the streets to make them safer for queers. We’ll be using this meeting as an opportunity to plan the street patrol/street party on 29th.

6pm-7pm Queers in Sex Work

Sex Workers Open University will be screening a film and talking about some of the work that they do.

7pm-9pm Queer Cinema

Showing Hotel Gondolin, a film about the experiences of trans* sex-workers in Buenos Aires who squat a hotel and unionise. Discussion on the film and the intersection of queers and sex work to follow. Popcorn by donation.

Monday 24th

 **Dry Day**

7pm Queer Homelessness

Stonewall Housing talking about the work they do, the unique issues that queer people face with homelessness as well as a broader discussion on homes and queer, safe spaces.

Tuesday 25th

7pm Palestine Solidarity Event

Rob Lugg from ‘No to Pinkwashing – No Pride in Israeli Apartheid’ speaking about Israel’s use of LGBT tourism and the perception that LGBT people enjoy equality and acceptance in Israel to ‘pinkwash’ its image and hide the violence, suffering and repression it wreaks on the Palestinian people every day. He will discuss what is being done in the UK and internationally to answer the Palestinians’ call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and how Queer activists can step up solidarity efforts to support the Palestinian people’s struggle for liberation and justice.

Wednesday 26th

7pm Queers In Squatting Network Meeting

A practical squatting workshop covering the legal situation of squatting, how to pull together a crew and how to find buildings. This is also a good opportunity to meet Queers on the squatting scene, meet other Queers interested in opening a building and network to form crews. South London needs more Queer squats.

Thursday 27th 

**Dry Day**

1pm Laughter Yoga

 7pm Queer Communism

A discussion covering:

What do we mean by Communism?

The History: What were the examples/lessons/progressions from past?

And an alternative for today.

Organised by the Left Front Art Collective.

7.30pm Radical practical feminist self-defence for Queer people

Friday 28th

4pm Queer Assertiveness Training Part 1

We want to get better at figuring out when and how to assert ourselves in situations when we figure, hold on, that’s just not cool.

This workshop aims to feed into getting a better understanding and better skills for creating what we are all striving for; proactive safer spaces. At the House of Brag, at home, at work and on the streets.

In both sessions, we will offer the methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed to train ourselves in asserting our needs and rights. This means that everyone who wishes to, can have the opportunity to get some practice in a safe space, on how to assert themselves in the face of oppression, and how to deal with others without being paternalising.

Come along at 4pm on Friday 28th June and on the 5th July and let’s get better at asserting ourselves!

7pm Queer Revolutionary Singalong

Singing a bunch of QUEER songs, a bunch of REVOLUTIONARY songs, and then workshopping lyrics together to make songs fit for QUEER REVOLUTIONARIES to sing. We’ll project the lyrics and chords on the wall, so bring along an instrument. Suggest songs here: or send the lyrics/chords to

Saturday 29th

4pm-5pm Pride Discussion

An opportunity to share our frustrations and experiences with Prides, and discuss alternative ways of organising.

6pm-8pm Poetry Workshop

Some writing exercises followed by sharing poems by others. A follow-on from the workshop last week.

8pm Dinner!

Food scavenged and reclaimed from the local area cooked up in the beautiful Brag kitchen by beautiful volunqueers.

10pm Queer Dance Party!

As planned in the Bash Back! Meeting on 23rd. A roaming street party, anti-parade, anti-pride, reclamation of the streets for our Queer siblings. Bring jazzy clothes, loud voices and witty signs. Who knows where the party may end up?

Sunday 30th

3pm-5pm Queering Anarchism

Anarchism is the idea that, with practice, people are capable of living together freely as equals. Sexual equality, in anarchism, isn’t just about legal reform but involves profound personal-political transformations. A focus on gender, sexuality and the power of conformity can be a great way of introducing the vitality of anarchism as an alternative to both hierarchy and ideas of “normal”. Instead, anarchism offers ways of being and relating which are dynamic, egalitarian and ever evolving. Queering Anarchism is offered in order to show how anarchism continues to evolve, drawing inspiration both from its radical history and from contemporary ideas and practices. This discussion will begin with a talk by Jamie, followed by time for questions, answers and discussions. Jamie Heckert is co-editor of Anarchism & Sexuality, contributor to Queering Anarchism, Understanding Non-Monogamies and many other publications. He is also a yoga teacher, public speaker, workshop facilitator and gentle trouble-maker.

5pm-7pm Polyamory Workshop

A discussion on non-conventional relationship structures

7pm-9pm Queer Cinema

Showing Beautiful Boxer: “Based on the real life story of Parinya Charoenphol, a Muaythai boxer who underwent a sex change operation to become a woman. The movie chronicles her life from a young boy who likes to wear lipstick and wear flowers to her sensational career as kickboxer whose specialty is ancient Muaythai boxing moves which she can execute expertly with grace and finally her confrontation with her own sexual identity which led to her sex change op.”

Monday 1st

7pm Benefits at Brag – poetry and performance event

An experimental evening of poetry, performance and more, in collaboration with the Benefits event series. With Ulli Freer, Mendoza, Francesca Lisette, Max Czollek, Johannes Frank and more to be confirmed.

We’re still actively looking for contributions so if you have something radical, queer and/or awesome (poetry or other) that you’d like to share with a friendly audience, or if you’d just like to share your experiences of the space, then contact – all welcome!

Tuesday 2nd

7pm Queer Asylum Seekers Have A Right!

All African Women’s Group and Queer Strike present a workshop on harships faced by queer asylum seekers and refugees and how we can win our rights.

Wednesday 3rd

7pm Queer Literary Salon

An evening of great queer writing, read. We want to have people read from their own writings, telling of their own lives, their own queer experiences, their love, rage, laughter. We also invite people to read from their favourite queer writers or their favourite writing about queer stuff – we want the inspirational, the beautiful, the filthy and the fucking awesome. Bring it, read it, talk about it.

Thursday 4th

**Dry Day**

7pm Queers and Drugs

Jess Bradley will present on her work with the SSDP and the relationship between queers and drug use.

Friday 5th

**Dry Day**

4pm Queer Assertiveness Training Part 2

This workshop aims to feed into getting a better understanding and better skills for creating what we are all striving for; proactive safer spaces. At the House of Brag, at home, at work and on the streets.

We will offer the methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed to train ourselves in asserting our needs and rights. This means that everyone who wishes to, can have the opportunity to get some practice in a safe space, on how to assert themselves in the face of oppression, and how to deal with others without being paternalising.

5pm Dark times of the Russian LGBT community

We have someone along from St Petersburg to talk about LGBTQ activism in Russia.

7pm Naked Freegan Cooking

A clothing-optional dinner, cooked using primarily skipped food. The idea is create a body-positive space, to feel comfortable and secure, to have fun, and to eat really really well. Body painting encouraged, no pressure to be nude.

9pm Introduction to BDSM

Safe, fun kinky sex: a guide. An experienced SM practitioner will walk us through SM101: role playing, rope trickery and how to have fun while avoiding spending loads on “equipment”.

Saturday 6th Closing Day!

1pm Armpits4August Workshop

Our usual workshop is geared towards helping women reconsider their relationship to their body hair (although the event is open to people of all genders – and their body hair – and we aim to make it as safe a space as possible)”

3pm Canal Street: A History of Exclusion

A talk on the famous “Canal Street” in Manchester, revealing the exclusionary nature of spaces generally considered havens.

4pm Feminist and Queer Subvertising Skillshare and Sticker Making

Make stickers, share ideas, fight gender-binary patriarchy. This subvertising skillshsare will be a place to share ideas on how to respond to the many thousands of rank adverts we see a day.

8pm Riot Grrrl/Queercore Gig and Danceparty

Drinks, bands and music. It’s the last day, let’s dance!

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5 Responses to Programme of Events: June 22 – July 6

  1. John Roche says:

    Wowzee! What a programme…It does my heart good to know that there is a generation of younger( than me) radical Queers who are questioning the status quo and are not prepared to accept the new ‘norms’.AND who know how to have a great time. I’m looking forward to bowling along to as many events as possible. Well Done ‘Braggers’
    . xxx

  2. 0olong says:

    Call me a picky bastard, but I *hate* the use of monospaced fonts (usually Courier) except when the spacing specifically conveys information of some sort. Normal fonts make letters different widths for a reason – it makes things much easier to read.

    Looks like a fantastic programme of events though!

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  4. RJ says:

    What do **dry days* mean?

    • houseofbrag says:

      These are days on which we ask that nobody brings any alcohol or drugs into the space, this opens up the space to people who find the presence of alcohol/drugs uncomfortable/triggering.

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