Our new home! (Scroll down for programme of events)


We’re really happy to tell you that the new home for the London Queer Social Centre is …..

63 Sancroft Street, London SE11 5UG – in an abandoned pub called The Duchy Arms. Here’s a map.

We’ve been working away at making it nice, and we think you’ll like it. It’s wheelchair-accessible (though without adapted toilets unfortunately), and has space for all the events we have planned, plus a nice outside area for smoking. We open on Saturday. Be sure to check our full programme of events, and come by and see us.


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1 Response to Our new home! (Scroll down for programme of events)

  1. OK. I’m going to chuck in the over-enthusiasm that y’all’ve left out. The space is The Best. Opening night was chilled, full of great conversation, really open to new people, some people who’d never been in a squat before being out of their comfort zone but really welcomed, and planning on coming back with more friends. There are all the creature comforts of a normal pub. And a whole tonne less homophobic, biphobic, heteronormative, posh, dickheads, and if there are any, we’re collectively empowered to choose how to deal with them. And it’s a space purely functioning on people contributing as they’re able, whether in cake, food, art, literature, workshops, money-donations (if you’d normally go to a commercial venue, think about how much you’d spend there and donate accordingly), or anything else. So bring yerselves and whatever else you’d like to bring! Including friends who need more exposure to radical queer analysis!

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