Brag updates and futures


so the pop-up social centre was AWESOME right? Over three months later and I’m just now feeling like I’ve recovered from that closing party. Turns out a high enough concentration of fabulous radical queers in one space is so hottttt it literally makes shit explode. Thank you to all the wonderful people who kept the party going through exhaustion, tech disasters and the entertaining threats of the local NIMBY association to bring ONE HUNDRED POLICE to our door if we didn’t immediately stop having so much fun.

But now, darling Brags, it’s time to look to the future.

Firstly, the Brag zine team are gearing up for Brag(a)zine Issue 2. We have a table booked at Queer Zine Fest ( which is on Sunday December 1st at Space Station 65 in Kennington. We want to have two issues of Bragazine (plus some other lovely assorted queer artworks) to sell, so the deadline for submissions to issue 2 will be WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 20TH which gives you lovely people nearly a month to get drawing, writing, and contacting us.

Secondly, let’s get thinking about Brag’s next moves in the real, non-paper world. When would you like the next social centre to be? What would you like to do to make it happen? What events would you like to run, help out with, or attend? Do you fancy being part of the live-in crew? Does an xmas/new year Brag sound deliciously tempting or a touch overambitious? Or both? (Both is good). Get in touch.

lots of love,
House of Brag
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1 Response to Brag updates and futures

  1. you guys rock – yes, more social centre

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