Queer/Feminist Day at Mare Street FreeSchool this Friday!

Hola Brags,

our comrades at the Mare Street social centre in Hackney are running a freeschool all this week and Friday is QUEER AND FEMINIST DAY!

Imagehere is the program including workshops, meetings, communal eating and a big lovely RADICAL QUEER FEMINIST STREET PARTY to round off the night:

11-12: Socialised cis men and AMAB (& still exerting cis male privilege) cleaning and decorating- We will tidy the space, clean up from the previous day and prepare all areas for the running of the free school. We also have materials, banners, and info on queer prisoners to put up and around the space.

12-1: What is Queer- An open workshop giving a basic introduction to the concept of Queer (for those who haven’t encountered it before) with a strong interactive focus that will encourage participants to come up with their own definition.

1-2: Crowbar Sisterhood (women squatters network) will be holding a casual meeting and hangout session to meet, chat, hang out, and discuss future squatting related things. All self identified women and genderqueer/nonbinary AFAB people welcome.

2- Lunch Served

2-3: Queer play and music by spanish theatre group, followed by a talk on the place of queers in the Spanish civil war.

3-4:30: Self defence for Queers of all Genders.

5-6: Tango (the Dance)

6-8: Consent workshop- The workshop will cover Bodily autonomy, verbal consent, power dynamics and how to combat them, and an optional practical session after a short break. There will be a quite seperate safe space, with tea and quiet, if people wish to leave and have space away from the workshop.

6: Krav Maga- A self defence system developed by the Israeli army, will be running as part of our daily evening sessions.

8: Queer Cinema:

Queer cinema will start at the slightly later time of 8pm due to the days runnings. After popular discussion last week, their was a desicison made by all present to watch Kynodontas or “dog tooth” in english, a greek film about two parents who keep their children locked up in the house and teach them nothing of the real world.

The film carriers trigger warnings of incest, full frontal nudity of male and female characters , physical abuse, and psychological abuse.

10pm- Radical Queer and Feminist Street Party: We will all take to the streets with a mobile sound system, claim space and have fun, possibly setting up in some quiet corner of Hackney. Bring colours, banners, fun, paint, makeup, GLITTER, and most importantly yourselves!!!!

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