Alternative Pride – an Update

Our first planning meeting for the alternative pride will be this Sunday (11th May) at 5pm at LARC ( 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES.

For those just tuning in, there is a collective of people dissatisfied by the politically sanitized, corporate branded pride. We want to create a celebration and protest that centres the voices of the normally most marginalised of our communities. If this appeals to you and you’d like to help create it now is an excellent time to jump on board. We have spent the last month consulting with different groups that don’t normally have a loud voice in mainstream pride.

Here is the agenda:

– Go around the room with Name, Pronoun, Interest in the project
– (briefly) Where We have come from – (Relevant past projects – The London Queer Social Centre, Hackney Pride)
– What shall we create? (there are already a few ideas slated we want to do a march, picnic day with speakers’ corner and social centre but we want your ideas and feedback)
– Hackney Pride and the need for core principles
– Core principles – what sorts of things are important to you?
– When Should it be?
– What shall we call it?

Not everybody wants to be involved in planning and meetings but if you’d like to help out on the day drop us an email with your contact details.

– If you have a submission, talk, workshop that you’d like to do as part of the events then tell us about it at:

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