Update on Alternative Pride: Dates, Names, Working Groups

What a brilliant meeting! It was really productive and fun, and really great to see so many new, keen people. We decided that this year we would run a 2 week social centre, with an alternative march and a family-friendly picnic day.

Alternative Pride: 29th June-12th July

Sunday 29th June: family-friendly picnic day- Ideas include facepainting, speaker’s corner and music

Programme of events covering 2 weeks: talks, workshops, food, parties.

Saturday 12th July: March- politicised, fun, inclusive and accessible.

If you’re excited by this and want to be a part of making it happen then please come along to our next organisational meeting on Saturday 17th May at 5pm, venue TBC.

Minutes from meeting 11/5/14

-Groups in attendance: No to Pinkwashing, Queer Friends of Chelsea Manning, Queer Strike, Left Front Art, Bent Bars, Survival Guides.

-A brief history of organising that the House of Brag has done

– A history of Hackney Pride, in the interest of learning from previous alternative prides.

– Discussion on core principles of the project:

  1. We consider squatting as a core tactical tool, in the militant spirit of pride as a protest.
  2. No platform/affiliation with political parties or fascists.
  3. Donations do not buy a platform, logo, or any other special treatment or exposure
  4. We don’t negotiate or engage with the police
  5. We aspire to create spaces emphasizing safety, inclusivity and liberation. And to centre the voices of the most marginalised within our communities.
  6. Addition of: Accessibility as a core principle- all films screened with subtitles, all buildings wheelchair accessible (inc. toilets)

-People suggested groups to do events including: All African Women’s Group, English Collective of Prostitutes, parent groups, teacher groups, No to pinkwashing, and others.

-Suggestion to include performances in the programme, to focus on the most marginalised experiences, and to include many causes/struggles but keep a queer focus (or at least ask for a queer speaker).

-Discussion of having a family-friendly picnic day, a march, and running a social centre.

-Decision to launch with picnic on 29th June and finish with a march on 12th July

-Decision to name the march Monstrous Pride: Onwards and Outwards.

-Discussion of the various working groups that people can join: march, programme, building, publicity/comms, picnic.

-We arranged the next meeting to be on 17th at 5pm, venue TBC

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