Minutes of meeting of 31st May

Apologies for the delay.

Next meeting next Saturday 7th June at LARC from 5pm.

Minutes of May 31st Meeting

General Feedback

Contact has been made with UK Black Pride re picnic – very encouraging. Contact to continue.
Also some new art events are taking shape for the programme.

Publicity – flyers etc. Designs are now coming in, with more to follow. A new batik studio is available, with possibilities for banners etc. Press release drafted – feedback welcome.
Morning Star article to appear.

March – A call out for legal services has happened. A legal workshop will now also be one of the events. Research done into legal considerations of march.

Specific events : Opening event – Baking & Entering, the traditional Brag opening event is proposed again. Possible Derek Jarman screening – Last Of England.
Request for people to specify when an event might be a good dry (sober) night/day. Possible three dry days hoped for.

Contact made with samba band re the march.
Peddles provisionally booked for picnic and march days.

Talk of costume making for the march. Changing area required.
Free shop again.

Out & Proud Diamond Group

Some clarification about the purpose and work of the group, working with refugees and asylum seekers, and the make up of the group – asylum seekers and refugees themselves organising to help others facing sometimes imminent deportation.
Clarification that the host of a recent event – Miss Cairo, whose remarks to the audience had made some people extremely uncomfortable – is not associated with O&P Diamond Group. This was mentioned last week as a one of the main concerns with O&P. Clarification that this person actually has nothing to do with O&P.
Pro-Israeli pinkwashing event which O&P attended raised again.

Point made about the valuable work that the group (O&P) do, life saving in some cases. Feeling that there is a danger in excluding the group.
Clarification that the event was a pinkwashing event. Protest outside by No To Pinkwashing, not Queer Strike as previously mentioned. That there was a demo, not a picket as such.

Point made that O&P is the only group like this, doing this sort of work. Some surprise has been expressed at the decision of last week’s meeting. Their presence at the Israeli event may be explained by a pre-existing relationship that they have with Heaven, the venue.

Point made that O&P were contacted before the event by No To Pinkwashing, and they did not really engage.
Again point being made of the specific work that the group does, and the achievements that it has had with regard to specific asylum cases.

Point made that pinkwashing and the Israeli state is very strongly held to be a racist entity.

Point made that O&P are not pro-Zionist. Some members did not pass the demo. And that none of us can claim ideological purity.

General support for O&P and the work they do.

General feeling that Miss Cairo would not be welcome.

Various proposals discussed seeking a way forward. None were put to the meeting. General feeling that the current contact we have with O&P should continue and that we should have a dialogue with them, hopefully leading to something positive.

Any Other Business

Research into the legal situation re public gatherings presented. General discussion about this.


Agreement to meet again next Saturday 7th June, at LARC. 5Pm for working groups, 6pm general.



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