Finding Safe Spaces – new project for LGBTQ+ rough sleepers

Our friends at awesome queer homelessness organisation Stonewall Housing (an independent charity with no connection to smug classist transphobic wankers Stonewall, who make the bus adverts) are starting a new project to improve the way they can help and support LGBTQ+ people who sleep rough. Existing projects such as No Second Night Out often don’t recognise the specific needs of queer rough sleepers and Stonewall Housing want to change this.

Last year, 78 people who called us for housing advice told us they were rough sleeping. A further 143 said they were part of the hidden homeless, unknown to housing services, who were living in insecure and often unsafe spaces.

Finding Safe Spaces is an innovative new project working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* people who experience rough sleeping in Manchester, Brighton and East London.

Funded by the Homeless Transition Fund, we will:
speak directly with LGBT* rough sleepers about their experiences;
work alongside people who support or champion LGBT* rough sleepers;
work with No Second Night Out to make sure that LGBT* rough sleepers are getting the service they need.

One of Team Brag (who is herself a queer homeless person) is going to be helping out as a community researcher, running interviews and focus groups and helping the professional housing workers gain a better understanding of queer homelessness.

If you identify as LGBTQ+ and have experienced rough sleeping (which includes sleeping on public transport, in parks, in bus or train stations, on the street, etc, during the day or night) at least one time in the last two years, get in touch with Robin on 07908 522 972 or

SH will pay transport costs and give a £10 shopping voucher for anyone taking part in an interview or focus group.

Michael and Robin from Stonewall Housing will also be coming to our new social centre building to talk about queer homelessness and the work that they do on Wednesday 9th July!

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