meetings & minutes

Hi friends!

couple of meeting announcements: our next open meeting will be on SUNDAY (22nd) this weekend, not Saturday. still at LARC (62 Fieldgate St), 5pm for working groups and 6pm for general meeting as usual. probably the last open meeting before the social centre opens, so do come along!

there’s also an interesting discussion happening on Thursday 26th June: “Putting Politics and Pride back into Pride”, as part of the TUC LGBT Conference. 1pm at TUC Congress House, 23-28 Great Russell St. Zacharia Brag will be speaking about the queer social centre project!

finally, here are the minutes from last saturday’s meeting:

Reports back from working groups:

– Programme is filling up but there will be space for last minute additions
– Idea to have caucuses during dinner – this would require 2 eating spaces
– Ja to contact spoken word community incl PJ Samuels about performance events
– We discussed possibility of providing a workshop for queer teenagers. Decision not to include this in programme as it is too short notice to find someone to run and promote to teenagers. But we will look for zines & books aimed at kids & youth, and Comms will research queer youth groups to advertise Social Centre programme to

Pic Nic:
– People’s kitchen interested in cooking
– Decision to advertise Social Centre at Pic Nic

– idea is to have a demo outside home office which may spontaneously turn into a march
– accessibility – a vehicle will follow in case people overestimated walk
– T to compile and share accessibility info with other working groups
– Monster March Mask Making Workshop will be on 11th at social centre.

Other Business:
– Discussion on sign interpreters – H to find out if an interpreter will be needed at any events, if so A potentially has a contact for sign interpreting.
– Discussion on volunteer roles – Jo has compiled a detailed list – Ja suggested welcoming roles and volunteered himself for this.
– Discussion of possibility of fundraiser events for other orgs – decision that this would be fine. Preference that there would be no obligation to ‘donate’ in order to enter the space. Donation buckets and announcements inside the space.

xx Brags

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