LQSC 2014 LOCATION (and request for help)!

Friends, followers, Brags: we are beyond delighted to announce the location of our next Queer Social Centre will be


Brag is back where queer & radical squatting in London began – where the Brixton Fairies opened their squatted Gay Community Centre in 1974, where Olive Morris fought the police and cracked squats for black families, where squatted women’s centres offered space for feminist activism and refuge to women and kids fleeing domestic violence, where the squatted Sabaar Bookshop hosted Black Panthers meetings and the anarchist 121 Centre put on Queeruption, where whole streets and blocks of flats were reclaimed and turned into homes and community spaces.

But radical politics and community organising in Brixton isn’t just a thing of the past. Several people involved with Brag this year have lived and worked and partied and done art and activism in Brixton in recent years. We’re also excited to get involved and show solidarity with stuff happening here right now like Housing Action Southwark & Lambeth, the campaign to Save Brixton College, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, the Ritzy Cinema workers’ strike for the living wage, anti-gentrification activists, fellow squatters and queers and queer squatters…

The building we’re occupying was previously a shop – it’s big, and bursting with potential, but we need your help to get it ready for opening day on Wednesday. Cleaning, carpentry, plumbing, electrics, art & design skills all welcome! As an incentive & a thankyou to anyone who wants to help out tomorrow (Sunday) we’ll be cooking a massive free vegan breakfast at midday so come down, tap on the window, get fed and get involved.

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2 Responses to LQSC 2014 LOCATION (and request for help)!

  1. Fat Bob says:

    Big up you lot for squatting this place! Why is it empty? Because of the gentrification.

  2. Fat Bob says:

    In five years time, giving the way things are going, there will be no black businesses on that part of Coldharbour Lane at all.

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