Quick Important Update

The Bragsters have been working round the clock to get the space ready for tonight’s first event @7pm: Squatters Legal and Practical Workshop with dinner & queer squatting documentaries from 9pm.

Tonight’s programme is pretty relevant as the new space has been under constant police surveillance and our comrades have been subject to intimidation and this morning we had one of our crew arrested. The show of solidarity from fellow squatters, queer & trans peeps, local activists and the community of Brixton has been incredible.

We still need ongoing support as our electricity and water have been cut off and the cops are trying their best to make everything much harder since they can’t find any legit legal reason to shut us down. We are grateful for spare hands coming round to help clean, build and adapt the space to wheelchair users’ needs.

Luuurve & rAAAAge xoxo

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