Queer Critical Mass Block!



Last year there was a Critical Mass that fell in the middle of the London Queer Social Centre. A few of us went, and it was fun.

We thought we could have even more fun on Critical Mass with a Queer Block. It’s an excuse to glam/grunge/femme/butch/genderfuck/up/down/sideways and create a critical mass of queerness to take some rowdy space back from heteronormativity. If it’s too fun, then maybe we’ll start some kind of Cirque de So Gay affair. And this year Critical Mass is the evening before Pride – and two days before the London Queer Social Centre gets off to a picnicy start (details on that to follow … soon).

Unmissable timing, right? So JOIN US!

Friday June 27th, 6pm gather, to ride at 7pm, South Bank, under Waterloo Bridge

Critical Mass is: a celebratory time for bikes to take the road back from the cars: last Friday of the month since 1994: gathering from 6pm to ride at 7pm, Southbank below Waterloo.

There’s no more formal organisation than a regular time and place but there is established etiquette: corking cars at lights to allow us to stay as a group of bikes; helping anyone who needs some bike repair at the side of the road; taking group responsibility for keeping each other safe. The route is chosen as we go along. To find out more, check the London Critical Mass website, and this London Critical Mass facebook group. And if you’re joining us on the Queer Block, there’s a Facebook event for it here.

Ideas for things you could do to make it even better:

Come at 6pm to talk about tactics for being a tight group within the rest of Critical Mass, and whether we have any route plans.
Bring your friends & lovers.
Go by 56a or somewhere if your bike’s been waiting for a little bit of love to get on the road.
Bring some clothing/a flag and a spray can and a stencil that is bike related and/or queer.
Make a bike mounted banner/floating effigy.
Bring refreshments to share.
Wear a superqueero cloak.
Bring a soundsystem and/or a playlist to put on one.
Be ready to put the fun between your legs.
Think of more bikesexualist humour!
Come ready to convince people to get involved in the queer social centre

Spread the word!

All are welcome, including straight friends & allies – within reason: the purpose of this space is to make a safer space for LGBTQ*
Critical Mass does continue travelling on wheels for a long time, but not at a fast pace: normally averaging 4 or 5 mph.

See you there!

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