Safer Spaces

The London Queer Social Centre operates a Safer Spaces Policy

Please don’t use the space if you reject the following

No space can ever be totally safe for everybody, it is our collective responsibility to challenge oppressive behaviour and language (homophobia, racism, ablism, sexism, transphobia etc).

If you feel intimidated to call something out, you can ask for help – we should all have each other’s backs.

Be open-minded and listen seriously to suggestions that something you said or did was oppressive.

We want to emphasise frank communication whilst always prioritising the stated needs of those experiencing oppressive behaviour.

No one should criticise others for how they respond to oppression – anger and violence can be completely valid responses.

Immediate ejection from the social centre may be the right thing to do if people feel immediately unsafe.

It’s also important to recognise that everybody makes mistakes, and in some cases it can be very productive to start a dialogue which focuses on criticising the behaviour, not the person, e.g. ‘The things you said were oppressive and not OK to say’, not ‘You are a bad person, you are not welcome in our community anymore’. Ngọc Loan Trần’s “Calling IN: A Less Disposable Way of Holding Each Other Accountable” is a really thoughtful and inspiring piece of writing about this.

Lively discussion is great but no matter how passionate you are, it isn’t OK to talk over others or raise your voice aggressively at others.

Be aware that anybody could be a survivor of any kind of violence, e.g… domestic abuse, sexual assault. Going in to a discussion on these things without a trigger warning can make others feel very uncomfortable.

No cops, except in exceptional circumstances, and only with the consent of everybody present.

Some days at the centre are designated ‘dry days’. On these days – which will be clearly flagged – we ask that nobody bring alcohol or recreational drugs into the space, or come to the space while under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

The Safer Spaces policy in general always applies, and should be considered all the more important when under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

Not everybody wants to be photographed or have their face on the internet! If taking photos or filming in the space, get consent from all those appearing. Also get consent before posting to social media.

In the interests of the privacy, comfort and safety of all those using the space, no one will be admitted to the space in their capacity as journalists and/or photographers.

The space is a resource for everybody, please respect it as you would your own home.

This policy is open to review, if you have suggestions, additions, questions or comments please submit below or email us at

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