The London Queer Social Centre runs on as close-to-zero a budget as we can get. We rely on volunteers for their time and energy, and we rely on the kindness of friends for some basic necessities. If you think you can help us with any of the things listed below, please email house.of.brag@gmail.com.

  • cutlery and crockery and kitchen utensils
  • kitchen knives (for chopping and carving)
  • big pots
  • electric oven
  • electric hob
  • sewing machine
  • nice décor (esp. sheets of pretty materials and fabrics for us to artfully drape around the place and each other)
  • art and craft supplies, paint, plain white paper (A4, A3, flip chart etc.)
  • books, zines and pamphlets for our Radical Library
  • make-up, face paint and hair stuff for our Make-up Station
  • toys for our Kid’s Area
  • You, your ideas, and all of your lovely energy!

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