Slightly delayed but much needed apology.

We’d like to apologise again for Sunday night’s breach of the safer spaces policy during a performance piece by artist Jakamo. Due to a huge over sight on our part there was lack of communication about the nature of the piece which several of the crew would have objected to happening, had we known.

It’s against our politics and personal values to tolerate racism, cultural appropriation, transmisogyny and femmephobia. We also believe there should have been a previous warning for nudity. We are deeply sorry these things happened in a performance we arranged. We’d also like to thank the members of our crew who were able to speak out immediately after the performance and offer people a separate space for self care and validation.

This has prompted a long overdue re-evaluation of how we communicate and interact as a collective to ensure that marginalised voices aren’t overlooked and similar fuck ups don’t happen.

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