Update on evening events

FRIDAY (that’s tonight!)

19:00 Informal Discussion on experiences of drugs and sobriety in queer spaces.

21:00 Delicious vegan dinner

22:00 Choose Your Own Adventure: queer sober dance party! CYOA is a queer+LGBT dance party for people who want a night out without alcohol/intoxicants – welcoming people of all genders & sexualities, all bodies & characters, and (because of no alcohol) all ages!
Femme pop, glittery electro, shouty riot grrrl songs &c. Robyn. Janelle Monáe. Le Tigre. Rihanna. Ladytron. Huggy Bear. MIA. Au Pairs. Kenickie. Katy B. 2NE1. Angel Haze. &so on.

SATURDAY (that’s tomorrow)

We’re hoping to open at midday as planned for creative activities, zine library, pop-out hair & makeup salon and workshops. The evening’s gig has been changed to an acoustic jam session/open mic due to technical and ACAB issues. Bring an instrument and join us anytime from 8pm. Also for anyone who hasn’t visited the social centre yet WE HAVE A PIANO! So if you can play the piano you should definitely come over.


Daytime events to run as planned! Also as part of the performance art evening we’ll be showing the three short films about queer squatting that we were unable to screen on opening night – Sass Squat, The Battle of Tutenhaus and Colorama 2.

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